Do you want to start over? downsizing? or relocating to a different area? Whatever your reason, we'll make it a priority to sell your home for the best price possible. Whatever expectations you have, we will do our best to go beyond and above them.


selling process

Now that you've decided to sell your house, we'll walk you through the procedures you'll need to take to get to the end of the deal.

  • 1

    Set a timeline

    Before committing to the sometimes long and expensive process of buying & selling a home, we make sure to identify the reason for doing so, which includes desired time frames.

  • 2

    Get a pre-sale home inspection

    It's must! Once it takes place, everything will be assessed thoroughly.

  • 3

    Understand your home's worth

    Make sure to do more research to understand the market in your area and provide the best value/deal for you!

  • 4

    Prepare to spend

    Invest in improvements! Improvements that will add at least twice their cost to your home's value.

  • 5

    Prepare your home

    To help you get your house ready to be shown, an effective checklist to create a positive impression on your prospects should be done.

  • 6

    Make the most important repairs

    Make sure your house is in tip-top shape by investing in a pre-sale exterior.

  • 7

    Set a realistic price

    Determine an accurate value of your property, set a firm base price, have a plan for what to do if your listing doesn't sell.

  • 8

    Get your home show ready!

    Your house is set and available to list in the market!

success steps


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