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We understand that there are numerous factors to consider when buying a new house. This takes a lot of time, effort, and money. You don't have to be worried any longer; we'll assist you on this journey until we arrive at a place you may call home.


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We can help you translate the complex world of real estate. After all, selling your home is not as simple as supply and demand. Whenever you are ready, we are available to meet with you to discuss your expectations and priorities.

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Are you ready to begin your home buying process? Allow us to guide you through the buying decision and provide you with the necessary information from start to finish.

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    Virtual Consult

    We'll set up a virtual consultation, designed to let us know exactly what you expect when it comes to your new home.

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    Matching Up your Expectations

    At this time, we will begin emailing you properties that match your criteria.

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    Your Virtual Property Tour

    After you've selected a home that interests you, we can arrange a virtual tour of that property.

  • 4

    Electronic Document Signing

    All required documents will be signed by you, electronically.

  • 5

    Earnest Money Submission

    You can either have you earnest money check picked up by our representative or you can have it wired by your bank.

  • 6

    Home Inspection

    You will receive a complete property inspection report (including detailed descriptions and photos) that has been conducted by our inspectors.

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    A mobile notary will deliver the closing documents to your location.

  • 8

    Welcome to your New Home!

    Congratulations! The keys to your new home will be delivered to you.

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