what should pet owners ask when looking at west palm beach florida real estate

West Palm Beach Florida Real Estate | What Pet Owners Should Know When House Hunting

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More than 60 percent of families in the United States own a pet. And, it’s true: Pets become a part of the family. So, if you are looking to move, it is smart to take them into consideration when home hunting. But, what all should you consider? Here is a couple key question to ask when searching West Palm Beach Florida Real Estate:

What Kind of Flooring Does It Have?

Maybe little Fido loves to run! Will he be slipping and sliding on a hardwood floor or snuggling up on cozy carpeting? As your dog ages, hardwood floors can be rough on joints. Also, when dogs are still just puppies, accidents are not uncommon. The same goes for kittens!

How Much Room is There for Your Pet?

If you have a big dog, they are going to want a big yard. Is there room for them to explore? Be sure to check on that.

what should i know when looking at west palm beach florida real estate

Is There are Fence?

You should also see if there is a fence. This is a big selling point for pet owners. Even if you have a cat – sometimes they just need a little fresh air!

How Walkable is the Neighborhood?

You need to make sure you can walk your dog. Is your neighborhood safe enough to walk at night? Is there a sidewalk? These are all things to consider.

Are You Looking for West Palm Beach Florida Real Estate?

Pet owner or not, West Palm Beach Florida Real Estate has a plethora of options for you. If you are looking to buy or rent, here at Logan Realty, we can help you find the place of your dreams. So, contact us today to learn more about our listings.