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Homes for Sale in Singer Island | How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

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Natural disasters – we hope that they don’t affect us every storm season. But, when they do come, they are unavoidable. However, there are steps you can take to try and prevent heavy damages. Here are easy preparation steps you should take to keep damage to a minimum and leave the homes for sale in Singer Island intact:

Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve spent the time decorating your patio and outside areas nicely, then you need to consider where all of that will go when a natural disaster comes. Obviously heavy rains can cause damage and lead to rusting. But, it’s all too easy for high winds to pick up light furniture.

Drain Your Pool

If you have a fear of flooding due to your pool, and you have the time, call your pool maintenance service and ask them to partially drain your pool. This’ll give more room for water collection.

do homes for sale in singer island have hurricane windows

Anchoring Large Furniture

Earthquakes can cause damage in all shapes and forms. Consider anchoring large furniture, such as bookshelves, to keep them from falling and injuring someone or causing more damage to the home.

Windows and Shutters

If you live in an area prone to high winds, the integrity of your windows is important. In Florida, many homes come with hurricane-proof windows up to a certain category storm. However, there are other options for protection, such as shutters. These can block out rain and deflect airborne objects.

Understand Your Insurance

Not sure if a type of damage is covered? Call and ask. Foundation damage from an earthquake, water damage from flooding and more are all possible. So, know what kind of home coverage you have to make any aftermath easier to manage.

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