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Homes for Sale in Palm Beach County | Do Pools Add Value?

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In South Florida, it is rare to find a house without a pool. But, if you are choosing to build a new home or purchase a home without a pool, you may want to consider installing one for additional value. Here is some food for thought when looking at homes for sale in Palm Beach County without a pool:

Does the Rest of Your Neighborhood Have Pools?

When looking to become a part of a neighborhood, it is important to take note of the styles of the other homes. Take note of if they have pools, and if so what they look like. You can then somewhat mimic the design.

Do You Have Space and Clearance for It?

If the rest of your neighborhood has pools, but you don’t, is there a specific reason why? Be sure to consult your home owner’s association to learn about specifications that may be in place. You will also need to take note of how much space you have for the actual pool and surrounding area that is necessary.

do homes for sale in palm beach county have pools

Do You Plan on Reselling?

For those shopping for homes in Florida, it is more than likely that they want a pool. So, if you are planning to sell down the line, a pool can most definitely add value and interest to your home. However, you should be sure to properly maintain it over the years.

Can You Afford It?

Pools are pricey. You may be spending tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and intricacies. So, you should make sure you can financially support the project beforehand. You also need to consider the cost of maintenance.

Are You Looking for Homes for Sale in Palm Beach County?

There is an array of styles, sizes, and price ranges among homes for sale in Palm Beach County. If you are looking to narrow down your search to the highest quality listings, contact us at Logan Realty today!